Arigna Fuels is located in the scenic valley of Arigna on the border of the counties Leitrim and Roscommon, employing a team of over fifty people. Arigna Fuels was established to provide clean, affordable, efficient, environmentally friendly, smokeless fuels to the Irish and UK markets. These smokeless fuels are also known as Ovoid’s because of their shape, or manufactured briquettes.

Arigna Fuels has taken the lead in producing smokeless, low sulphur solid fuels which are kinder to the environment, meaning a cleaner and healthier life for present and future generations. As part of our commitment to the environment, the production plant in Arigna is powered by wind energy from the local hills.

Arigna Fuels is the first Solid Fuel Company in Ireland to be awarded the New Energy Standard EN:16001:2009

High Standards within Arigna Fuels manufacturing facility making Irelands most popular smokeless fuels have helped us to achieve one of our long term goals attaining the new Energy Standard.

The company has recently achieved ISO Energy Standard EN 16001:2009 becoming the first Irish Solid Fuel company to attain this high Energy standard.

To celebrate the achievement and in keeping with our focus on Energy we gave a gift to all of our 55 staff of an Effergy Energy Meter so they can see how much energy is used in the home as well as in the workplace we also gave them some literature about saving energy from our friends in SEI.