Lighting Guide

Lighting Guide for Stoves

Step 1: Firstly clean away all ashes from the last fire and ensure the ash pan is emptied completely. In order for a fire to burn effectively. It needs to get plenty of air beneath it.

Step 2: Lay some small dry sticks ( Kindling ) or some peat briquettes on top of a firelighter and let them take off. Open all air settings – primary and secondary fully to give the fire the maximum amount of air.

Step 3: When the sticks or peat briquettes take off place the Solid Fuel on top of the lit sticks / briquettes.

Step 4: When the Solid Fuel has fully lit and started to burn bright orange in colour you can then turn down the air settings to suit your heating need for the room. Sit back and enjoy our Solid Fuel burning in your stove and refuel when necessary. Its important to always leave an air supply never shut it off completely.