Benefits of HETAS Approval

HETAS are the official body recognised by Government to approve biomass and solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses. Ecobrite has been approved by HETAS for use in Roomheaters Stoves and Solid Fuel Cookers.

To ensure satisfactory performance of domestic solid fuel appliances it is important to use fuels that are of a suitable type and size. Solid mineral fuels approved by HETAS have are tested on behalf of the fuel producer. The testing and approval combined with a quality assurance scheme enables the fuel to carry a HETAS approval logo for which customer should look.

It is essential that all appliances (boilers, cookers and roomheaters) are fired with the qualities of fuel specified by the manufacturer.  It is also important that the right fuels are used in appliances. For this reason HETAS lists a variety of approved fuels.

Ecobrite is a manufactured solid fuel fully approved by HETAS and tested to their highest standards. Read more here